About Psychotherapy


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Whatever the sadness, difficulty or trauma that brings us to psychotherapy, I believe we already have the potential for self-healing. By talking about ourselves, explaining our actions to another person, we increase our self-understanding, enabling us to identify the possible origins and consequences of our behaviours. As an experienced psychotherapist, I am empathic and non-judgmental.

I listen really carefully to what you say and also attend to your body language, what is unsaid or unsayable. Over time, hopefully you will develop enough trust in the safety and security of our relationship to take your process of self-awareness to a deeper level, where you can choose to explore ways of transforming your behaviour, your thinking, your way of being, with my support.

Psychotherapy uses the transformative power of the dynamic relationship which exists between people.

You can bring any concerns, whether arising from the immediate present or the distant past, or from fears for the future. I provide a space for you to reflect not only on the obvious but also on the edge-of-awareness meaning of these concerns and their importance to your current circumstances. All your experiences: spiritual, physical and psychological can form part of our exploration.

Psychotherapy can help with sudden episodes of distress which arise with bereavement and ill health, or can be used to understand and  address longstanding problems such as anxiety, eating disorders and depression.

Sessions are usually once weekly and last 50 minutes.